Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, New Delhi organized “Idea Hackathon 2022′ under MSME Champion Scheme. On 30 June, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the winners of the tournament in New Delhi.

In this, five startups registered by Our Incubation have been selected and they will be given a grant of about Rs 15 lakh from the Central Government for the progress of their Innovative Startups.

Anatomic Pvt Ltd, Malhari Projects, Neo Innovative Solutions LLP, Intelligent Dental Innovation Pvt Ltd and Spark Batteries have been selected at national level for MSME Idea Hackathon through Our organization. These startups are working in the areas of healthcare, agriculture, electric vehicles and solid waste management.

 Inaugurated by Union Minister Narayan Rane on March 24, 2022, the innovation competition saw participation from 5126 students, entrepreneurs and MSMEs from across the country out of which 257 startups from across the country were shortlisted. The participating contestants have been selected through an expert committee.

Ashish Garde, Director, MAGIC informed that at the outset of the competition, 47 innovative startups from seven states across the country had applied to MAGIC as host incubators, out of which 12 startups were selected and pitched by MAGIC at National Level.  This initiative of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises is to enable entrepreneurs working in various sectors. Local people are being helped by the government to find innovative solutions to local problems. Ashish Garde, Director, Magic expressed the view that MSMEs and innovative entrepreneurs are playing a major role in leading the country globally by helping the startup ecosystem that is essential for social, cultural and economic transformation of the country


Marathwada Accelerator For Growth and Incubation Council

The Marathwada Accelerator and Incubation Council project is initiated with an aim to address the needs of Start-ups. It further aims to cater to the entrepreneurial needs of the young and emerging entrepreneurs in the Marathwada region.